TNW24: Scattered but Sparkly with Sasha Gray

TNW24: Scattered but Sparkly with Sasha Gray

Sasha Gray from Scattered Sasha and I have a great conversation about giving grace, especially to ourselves, her accidental business, and how she started her famous live show.

It should be a crime to have as much fun as Sasha Gray and I had recording this episode. We laughed, we cried, we talked everything from weddings to booze (margaritas and whiskey, of course). The conversation’s a blast, and I hope you enjoy it.

Sasha and I met in a Facebook group, and shortly afterward, I was planning my first summit. Carrie Sharpe of He Says, She Says insisted that I have Sasha as a guest, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Sasha has appeared in my summits, as a guest speaker in my group, and even as one of my popular Notable Woman Live! guests.

In this episode, we talk about her accidental business, how she cultivated her tribe (her following), and how she started her live show, and much, much more! I hope you enjoy this episode and don’t forget to join The Society of Notable Women if you want to continue the conversation! And of course, Sasha has a great gift for you! Head on over to get her “Your Journey: 5 Ways to Increase Daily Joy.”


  • Why you can’t take yourself too seriously
  • How Sasha became known as Sasha Gray (spoiler: it’s a pseudonym)
  • How Sasha chose to name her page “Lipstick, Margaritas, and Hairspray” (now Scattered Sasha)
  • How Sasha cultivated such a huge tribe (at the time of this recording, it was 239K now up to 255K)
  • How Sasha started an accidental business
  • The creation of the “unbreakable” token and its impact on people
  • Why we all need to give ourselves grace
  • How Sasha started her show (you can watch it here)
  • Sasha getting married at the racetrack

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did creating it. You can listen now, right here from this webpage by clicking the play button below.

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Today’s Guest

Sasha Gray

“There’s so much going on in the world, and there’s so much happening in everybody’s life that it’s overwhelming, and you have to give yourself grace to get through every day sometimes.”

About Sasha Gray

Sasha Gray is a Motivational Mindset Mentor and Business Coach for individuals and business owners. She specializes in finding the positive in a negative world and helping others rediscover their self-confidence, kick the self-doubt, and use humor along their journey to make even the roughest roads smooth.

Connect with Sasha:

Sasha’s Gift for You

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23. Write Like You with Copywriting Boss Tara Bosler

23. Write Like You with Copywriting Boss Tara Bosler

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About Tara Bosler
Tara Bosler is a copywriting powerhouse who taught Communication and Gender Studies at the university level for over eight years before turning her writing prowess into her own business. She was under the gun when her contract wasn’t renewed by her university because she didn’t have her PhD, but instead of faltering, she flew and her business was an immediate success.
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Tara’s awesome website
Tara’s gift for you, a FREE copy of her Copywriting Playbook, great resource (which you can get by clicking on her website header)
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About Yuli Chernykhovskaya
Yuliya Chernykhovskaya is a Business Strategist for Health & Wellness Coaches. After being a health coach for 4 years, Yuli has made it her mission to help wellness entrepreneurs succeed, create thriving online businesses, and become the go-to influential experts in their field.
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19. Build a Business You Love with Kristi Brown

19. Build a Business You Love with Kristi Brown

About this episode
Build a business you love with a little guidance from the beautiful Kristi Brown. In this episode of The Notable Woman Podcast, I interview Kristi Brown, business strategist and rocking boss over at Significantly Successful. We talk about how she went from working with small business owners at Living Social, working for the Mouse (she at Disney World, unlike my Disneyland), and launching a very successful social media campaign for Ron Paul when he ran for President of the United States!

I love Kristi Brown. I credit her Significant Business Academy with giving me the idea to start this very podcast. She’s got great ideas and thinks outside the box. Her exercises are fabulous. I’m a big fan. We chat about how to build a business you love, why that matters, and why you need to.

This is a great episode for anyone looking to start their own business, whether as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Even if you’ve already started your journey, Kristi has great tips. Enjoy!

About Kristi Brown
Most of the people that are into self-development enough to listen to any podcast, let alone one that’s Notable Women, you’re going to be able to start your own business if that’s what you want to do.
Kristi Brown is the co-founder of Significantly Successful, a digital marketing and consulting agency. Kristi has had the amazing opportunity to work with innovative and cutting-edge companies such as Groupon, MGM Grand and the Walt Disney Companies, along with over 400 small businesses throughout the world. She specializes in marketing strategies, social media and automation.

She understands how to create marketing campaigns that will drive results – instead of driving you crazy! Kristi has worked with over 100 start-ups and has helped them go from an idea to reality.  She can teach you how to bring the magic and creativity of the huge international companies into your own small business. Her belief is that people start their own businesses because there is something better and bigger out there.

Her strategies and techniques have helped people to build a business that they love. Kristi’s passion is teaching others how to create the success and freedom they desire in their lives to grow their business into something that far exceeds their expectations. Kristi gives her clients actionable steps that lead to success.  She shows how to manage all these “techy” things so that they can stay focused, accomplish their goals, and grow the business without feeling overwhelmed!

…And sometimes she even throws in a little *pixie dust*…

Episode Resources
Recommended Reading
Psycho Cybernatics by Maxwell Maltz (you want the original edition, not the updated)
Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success by Dr. Adam M. Grant
16. Rockin’ Your Social Justice Business with Missy Sturtevant

16. Rockin’ Your Social Justice Business with Missy Sturtevant

About this episode
Missy Sturtevant is so impressive! I am so jazzed by her and her social justice business, but let me start at the beginning. Missy and I went to college together, and I was a total fan even before this interview, even before I knew what she does now. But let me lay it down for you — Missy was a social worker and wasn’t 100% happy with how she had to do her work within the structure already set up. And you know what she did? She didn’t whine about it, she didn’t wallow, she went ahead and started her own business! Maebright Group, LLC works with Massachusetts-based state agencies on working with the LGBTQ population, using actual best practices and research.

In our conversation, we talk about how Missy wanted to start a business, how she became the mentor that she needed and now helps other people, and how she does the actual work with her state agencies.

This is a great episode for social justice advocates, business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who have an idea for a movement but haven’t gotten started yet. Enjoy!

About Missy Sturtevant
I actually much more prefer it when people disagree with what I’m saying, if they bring it up and challenge me, because if you can put something out there and we can have a conversation and I can listen to what are the things you’re nervous about, what are your concerns, which are usually legitimate concerns and I can address, we can have that kind of engagement together.
Missy Sturtevant, LCSW is the Director and Founder of MaeBright Group, LLC. Missy holds over a decade of training and facilitation experience. She studied social work at Wheelock College and has a BA in Psychology with minors in Health and Wellness as well as Theatre from Cedar Crest College. Missy has direct and macro-level social work experience that includes policy research, youth leadership development, group home care, and inclusive comprehensive sexuality education.
Episode Resources
MaeBright Group, LLC – Missy’s website
Hamlet the Cat on Facebook
Center for Women & Enterprise – Missy used this excellent resource to start her own business
The StartUp Podcast – Missy used this great podcast to start her business
Recommended Reading
Stone Butch Blues: A Novel by Leslie Feinberg
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomedia Paperback by Alison Bechdel

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15. Cloth Diapers Easy Peasy with Diaper Dawgs with Aisha Sequeira

15. Cloth Diapers Easy Peasy with Diaper Dawgs with Aisha Sequeira

About this episode
Cloth diapers – a blessing? A Curse? Love ’em, hate ’em? Well, Aisha Sequeira has created Diaper Dawgs to make it easy peasy for you to use them and keep them clean, which is a never ending battle.

When we had our son, my husband and I wanted to use cloth diapers to help make a difference to the environment, but we soon learned how complicated it was, especially when you have this tiny human depending on you! So when Aisha reached out to me about her business and product, I knew I had to have her on.

This is a great episode for Moms who are interested in using cloth diapers or already do, and anyone who has an idea for starting a business.

About Aisha Sequeira
If you have something inside of you, if you have an idea, just go for it. Again, time is something that you can never earn back. You can always earn back money.
Aisha Sequeira is a professional designer, accidental inventor, and born serial entrepreneur. She successfully created, manufactured, and marketed Diaper Dawgs,a household products company that makes cloth diapering more sanitary with less hassle.

She has since created a line of products that tackle the unglamorous side of cloth diapering and speaks at conferences about the inclusion of more minorities in eco-industry advertising.

Episode Resources
Recommended Reading
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