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Cloth diapers – a blessing? A Curse? Love ’em, hate ’em? Well, Aisha Sequeira has created Diaper Dawgs to make it easy peasy for you to use them and keep them clean, which is a never ending battle.

When we had our son, my husband and I wanted to use cloth diapers to help make a difference to the environment, but we soon learned how complicated it was, especially when you have this tiny human depending on you! So when Aisha reached out to me about her business and product, I knew I had to have her on.

This is a great episode for Moms who are interested in using cloth diapers or already do, and anyone who has an idea for starting a business.

About Aisha Sequeira
If you have something inside of you, if you have an idea, just go for it. Again, time is something that you can never earn back. You can always earn back money.
Aisha Sequeira is a professional designer, accidental inventor, and born serial entrepreneur. She successfully created, manufactured, and marketed Diaper Dawgs,a household products company that makes cloth diapering more sanitary with less hassle.

She has since created a line of products that tackle the unglamorous side of cloth diapering and speaks at conferences about the inclusion of more minorities in eco-industry advertising.

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