In the FIRST episode of The Notable Woman Podcast, Mom and creative life force Tia Shearer Bassett tells us how she lives a creative life.
This is the first episode of The Notable Woman podcast, and I couldn’t be happier to introduce creativity powerhouse Tia Shearer Bassett. Tia acts, writes, directs, and creates all while being Mom to a 3-year-old and supporting the creative work of her theatre freelancing husband, just as he supports her. This creative family leads their artistic life in Washington D.C., and I couldn’t be happier to start off the podcast with this interview. We talk about poetry, theatre, creation, great books, as well as keeping creativity alive, even after kids. Tia’s insights into stress have already been helping me, and I’m also “allowing” for myself a lot more in my own life. Enjoy this great conversation!
  • How Tia and her director and fellow creative husband find a way to live their creative life
  • The many theatres that Tia partners with
  • Poetry and why it’s so yummily delicious
  • Books, of course

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did creating it. You can listen now, right here from this webpage by clicking the play button below.

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Today’s Guest

Tia Shearer Bassett

“I’m not Tia the person, and Tia the Mom, and Tia the creator. I’m Tia. I just happen to do all these things.”

About Tia Shearer Bassett

Tia Shearer Bassett is actor / director / writer / creator living and working in Washington DC. This “Theatre Wolf” works as a company member with the Hub TheatreFlying V, and Arts on the Horizon, where she often creates her own “baby theatre” pieces, and as a teacher at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. She is currently gearing up to perform in Imagination Stage’s production of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. 
Connect with Tia:

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