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Fall in love with notable woman Feygele Jacobs in this episode of The Notable Woman podcast. Her main takeaway of this interview is “Get involved!” and she truly lives that mantra. I met Feygele when she volunteered at a jazz performance fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy at The Riverside Church, and we have stayed friends ever since. I even took this fabulous headshot of her when she started as CEO at RCHN Community Health Foundation (RCHN CHF).

In this episode, we talk about Feygele’s job at the foundation and how a repeal of the Affordable Care Act might affect them, particularly because she and the organization focus on policy. We also talk about her beautiful mother, and how her mother influenced Feygele’s decision to go back to school. There’s also the beautiful love story of how Feygele’s mother and father met when they tried to return to their homes after the Holocaust. It’s a great story, and you know I’m a sucker for love.

This is a great episode for advocates, folks going back to school, boss notable woman, and anyone who loves a good story.


About Feygele Jacobs
Get involved. Get involved, get involved, get involved, stay involved. Pick your cause, pick your passion, it doesn’t matter what it is.
Feygele Jacobs is the President and CEO of the RCHN Community Health Foundation (RCHN CHF). She provides overall leadership and management of Foundation programs, sets the Foundation’s strategic goals, and oversees program development. She also buys the coffee.

She came to RCHN CHF as EVP and Chief Operating Officer at its founding in 2005, after serving as executive vice president and chief of staff of the Ryan Community Health Network (RCHN) and CenterCare, Inc., a health center owned managed care plan serving low-income people across New York City. Prior to joining the RCHN family of organizations in 1997, her early career included positions in New York City’s and Boston’s public health care systems, and in hospital administration at the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, a major teaching hospital network in New York.

She is a graduate of Oberlin College (B.A.) and Columbia University (M.P.H., M.S.U.P.) and pursued post-graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She also holds a certificate in Public Health Informatics from the University of Illinois-Chicago School of Public Health, where she is a candidate for the DrPH in in Public Health Leadership. She presently serves on the boards of directors of National Center for Farmworker Health, CALL FOR HEALTH/UNA VOZ PARA LA SALUD and Community Health Ventures.

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