We are already worthy.

We deserve work that is both fulfilling and pays well, without toxicity and trauma. We deserve time with our families, flexible schedules, and rest.

Welcome to our community for leaders connecting to our already existing power so that we can remake the world through our work – whether that be for someone else or our own creations.

We help those who are looking to get a seat at the table or build their own in a way that matches their values so that they can use their powerful voices for good while also living lives that they love. As James Baldwin said, we don’t dream of labor. Our values are truth, meaning, wonder, potential, compassion, candor, curiosity, connectedness, inclusion, collaboration, creativity, and justice. We typically work with 4 types of folks: people pivoting into new careers, job seekers, leaders, and business builders.

Sound interesting? We’d love for you to join us.

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Free Masterclass

Ready for a new career but worried about getting demoted or worse getting your pay cut? In this free masterclass, walk through the entire system of how you too change careers without a demotion or a pay cut.

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Ask Cristin A Question

Have a question you would love to ask Cristin but prefer to stay anonymous? Use this form to ask away! Questions about work, worth, values, vision, and leadership are welcome!

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Work With Cristin

Work with Cristin in either a one-on-one or group setting on increasing your capacity and leading a life that you love.

Hear From From Folks Like You

Elisabeth got her dream job

Elisabeth NgCristin helped me to navigate the job market, understand the recruiting process and be better at interviewing (which I was struggling with before) – leading to multiple offers. I got my dream job thanks to the skills that Cristin taught me!

Christie got a $60K raise

Christie NadrowtowskiCristin helped me secure a $60k overall raise in my earning potential from the first search to the second. It’s hard to imagine doing that on my own! I have been referring her to everyone I know because she is so worth the investment in yourself!

Sarah wanted to move quickly

Sarah CampbellI booked a consultation with Cristin, and from the moment I met with her, I thought this is someone who could really guide me and help me navigate, not only what it is that I want moving forward, but the quickest way to get there and the best use of my time.

Victoria wanted someone easy to work with

Victoria NgCristin’s attention to detail and patience puts her on a completely different level. On top of that, she’s a wonderful human being and easy to get along with – essential when you’re looking for someone to take you to the next step!

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are saying about the community

This platform has given me a place to connect with like minded people. I’ve been able to ask questions, solicit advice, connect to resources and support, share ideas, and find out about new books, films, companies, organizations, movements, and the like. Knowing that anyone who posts or responds to my posts shares the same values is everything to me– I never have to worry if I’m going to be shamed or shut down, and I always know that I’ve got thousands of amazing people to hype me when needed!

-J.C. Pivoter from higher education to learning and development & new Mom

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