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Sarah Campbell pivoted from higher education / ed tech student success into fintech SaaS customer success.

I was stuck in a low energy, low motivation space that made it hard to do anything to help better my situation. My work environment wasn’t terrible, but many promised promotions had fallen through during the pandemic, and I was feeling trapped. I knew that I needed to do something to change my life but couldn’t bring myself to put the effort into it. Cristin is the best organizer, motivator, and friend you can have through this process. Every time you tell a casual story about a time when work made you feel worthless or icky, she’s right there reminding you that that’s not normal or acceptable, and you don’t have to tolerate it. In her Executive Coaching process, she’s amazing at giving tips and helping you develop techniques to mitigate or manage, but she can also quickly help you pivot to job searching, if that’s ultimately what’s best for you. She’s flexible, kind, and supportive, and you get far more than your monetary investment in your sessions out of working with her. I couldn’t be happier! Cristin has helped me see the value that I bring to organizations, and has given me strategies for how to continue to have those conversations moving forward. I feel very seen and heard by her!

Cristin worked with me through not one, but two back-to-back job searches. I had originally accepted a role that sounded too good to be true, and indeed, it was. So I reached out to Cristin again and within two days, I had a new working resume and cover letters. Within two weeks, I had secured a new offer! On top of that, Cristin helped me secure a 60k overall raise in my earning potential from the first search to the second. It’s hard to imagine doing that on my own! I have been referring her to everyone I know because she is so worth the investment in yourself!

Christie Nadratowski

Director of Customer Success, CDI LLC (pivoted from higher ed to SaaS customer success)

Cristin is simply amazing! I had been thinking about looking for a new job and possibly changing careers for awhile, but I was unsure if I actually wanted to do so. Sure, there were some things missing, but I was actually pretty happy in my previous position and was scared I would regret leaving. On the other hand, I had some big changes in my personal life (like a new baby!) that made me feel a change was necessary. Plus, I was starting to feel a bit stagnant after being at my previous organization for a decade and felt my only future opportunities there would be another lateral move, so the idea of something new was intriguing. I made some half-hearted attempts at applying for jobs, but between working full-time and caring for a new baby, I just didn’t have the time or energy to put in the effort I needed.

I reached out to Cristin after speaking with a friend who had worked with her and had nothing but glowing reviews. From our very first meeting, I felt seen, understood, and encouraged. She assured me that the things I wanted were not unreasonable and were actually very possible. I was also so impressed at how well she knows her stuff – Cristin really understands today’s job market! I felt I’d be in good hands if I worked with Cristin, and I was right. She was with me every step of the way – from figuring out exactly where I wanted to pivot to to resume revamps to interview prep and more. On my own, I was barely receiving rejection emails, much less any interviews, but after I started working with Cristin, the interview requests came rolling in. And even though I hadn’t been on an interview in 10 years, I felt confident and prepared on interviews, thanks to Cristin. While job hunting is rarely considered fun, Cristin makes the whole process exciting and enjoyable. Working with Cristin is like working with an expert, coach, friend, and cheerleader all in one.

In the end, I accepted a fully-remote position, above my target salary range, doing work that I enjoy and wanted to do more of – all the major points I had hoped for but didn’t think would be possible. I thought all I wanted was too much – too much to ask for or more than I “deserved” – but not Cristin. She encouraged me, believed in me, and expertly coached and guided me the entire time. I cannot sing her praises enough. Working with Cristin was, without a doubt, one of the absolute best investments I could have made in myself!

Jennifer Irwin

Events and Communications Staff Technical Program Manager, Walmart Global Tech (pivoted from higher ed to technical program management)

After owning my own business for the last 5 years, I made the decision to re-enter the corporate world. I had a lot of work to get ready for this process…or so I thought. Cristin was able to help me sift through hundreds of job listings and identify the perfect opportunities for me. She helped me prepare my resume for the automated systems it was going to go through, and also highlighted my work experience in a concise and powerful way. Cristin held my hand through the interview process and acted as my cheerleader the whole time. Had I not decided to work with Cristin, I would probably still be putting in multiple applications and hoping for a callback. Thanks to her, the process was quick and actually fun. I landed the perfect job for my skill set. Both I and my family are very grateful for Cristin.

Joanna Novelo

Community Manager, Chef Works (pivoted from small business owner to working for someone else)

Everyone needs a Cristin in their life! She will challenge the way that you think about yourself and push past your internal limitations to bring out the very best of who you are. Cristin has the innate ability to take the preciousness out of our work, making it infinitely simpler to refine the items in our resumes and cover letters to tell the best story of ourselves. This is invaluable, as it is NOT something that you can do for yourself. Cristin helped me to pivot the knowledge I already had toward a new field and encouraged me to define my skills, even when I was hesitant to do so. She helped me package myself into a product that others could understand, and she did so with a combination of encouragement, praise, and pragmatic advice.

Cristin is as invested in your success as you are, if not more so. A cheerleader, a sounding board, and a teacher, she encompasses all the things you need in a coach, wrapped up in a friend.

Nicole Greene

General Manager, TED Conferences (pivoted from performing arts to media / operations)

Having the opportunity to work with Cristin was the best gift I could have given myself and my family. Cristin pushed me to do the hard work to see the skills that I had taken for granted were skills that others wanted and needed in their organization. She helped me figure out how my values could still align with my work even if it was in a different industry. In addition, she helped me to see that moving out of the position that I held for almost two decades was a way to move forward instead of living in the comfort and ease that I had grown accustomed to. The work was not easy and at times there were tears, frustration, and laughter and through it all she helped me to look deep into myself for what I wanted my future to be; stuck in the mud of what I knew or flying toward possibilities. Some days I was totally comfortable with the mud, but I am so grateful that she pushed me to fly toward possibilities. I am now in a new position that aligns with my values and is challenging me to use my skills in new and different ways. While I knew that Cristin was good at what she does before I took the leap to work with her, she was hands down better than I could have hoped for, and I can never express in words the positive impact that she has had on my life.
Tammy Bean

Director of People and Operations, The Nature Conservancy of Pennsylvania and Delaware (pivoted from higher ed to HR)

Cristin  Downs is by far the most thorough, engaged, and encouraging career  coach I’ve worked with. Her attention to detail and patience puts her on  a completely different level. On top of that, she’s a wonderful human  being and easy to get along with – essential when you’re looking for  someone to take you to the next step! I cannot recommend her enough if  you’re serious about moving forward in your career.
Victoria Ng

Recruiting Coordinator, FullStory (pivoted from performing arts to higher ed to SaaS recruiting)

I  serve in a coaching role myself, so I always thought that I could coach myself on whatever I needed to work on. But I got to a point where I  felt overwhelmed and confused and didn’t even know where to start. I  needed someone else to help me see things outside of my own perspective,  and that’s exactly what a coach can help with! I had a session with  Cristin that felt so empowering and energizing. She asked all the right  questions that I didn’t even know I needed to be asked! Then she helped  me see my strengths and what opportunities are out there for me and  helped me develop a plan. I came away from the session feeling  motivated, organized, and in control.I’m so grateful for Cristin’s  approach. She is encouraging, realistic, and inspiring without resorting  to toxic positivity and platitudes. The homework she gave me was the  perfect balance of tasks that advance my goals and tasks that support my  own personal development.
Jennifer Cole

Solutions Specialist in Organizational Transformation, Deloitte (pivoted from higher ed to learning and development)

Partnering with Cristin to craft my resume was an excellent experience from start to finish. I was at a loss with how to approach it all after resigning this past December from a eighteen year long career, and considering a complete career change. My former position was unique, and thus challenging to capture for potential employers outside of my field. Cristin captured the essence of me and beautifully highlighted my strongest skill set by teasing out my core strengths, which can now be more universally applied to a variety of roles. Coupled with this she created three versions of a resume to utilize in various roles as I explore where I want to go next.
Communicate your story and Cristin will take it from there!

Amy Scaglione

Former On Air Talent & Lead Spokesperson, QVC

hear from job seekers (people looking for work in their current industries)
Cristin changed my life! I always had a “good” resume, but with Cristin’s insight, my resume went from good to GREAT! On top of all the little  tweaks that she made to my resume, she also was able to sit down with me  and figure out what was lacking in my experience to move my career  forward. In my case she determined that I lacked proof of knowledge so  she suggested that I earn as many certifications that related to my  career goals as I could and within a few weeks I got a promotion and a  few months after that I was offered an even better job. Thanks Cristin!!
Tim Losee

Director, Versity Investments, LLC

Cristin is a positive and very supportive coach. She is honest and kind, and I always felt like she had my back throughout the job search process. Cristin helped me to navigate the job market, understand the recruiting process and be better at interviewing (which I was struggling with before) – leading to multiple offers. I got my dream job thanks to the skills that Cristin taught me!
Elisabeth Ng

Senior Project Manager, Havas

To understand how amazing Cristin is, you need to understand my story.  In 2017, I had a craniotomy to remove a brain tumor.  This changed my life drastically!  I barely hung on for another year of work before staying at home for nearly 4 years.  This Fall, it was time to reenter the workforce.  I was not interested in returning to my former career of school counseling: responsibilities have changed, not to mention Covid.  I was attempting to find work in community counseling, but wasn’t hearing yes.  I felt disheartened.  Going back to work was overwhelming enough.  Add in rejection- I was crushed!  I felt completely lost and drowning in my inability to move forward.  That’s when I reached out to Cristin, my life changer!  She was so calm and inviting when we met.  She made me feel heard and helped alleviate my fears of being stuck. She opened up doors of opportunity that I would have NEVER considered.  One job she suggested is my current job.  I am now a remote school counselor and am loving it!  It’s pretty much my dream job- direct counseling with kids.  Compared to when I worked full time in schools, I work half the time I did before, from my home, and make similar money.  I would highly suggest working with Cristin if you’re needing support with your career.  She is absolutely amazing!  She gave me exactly what I was looking for without me knowing it.  I know that she’ll do the same for you.
Julie A.

School Counselor, Online School

I was really in a state, blocked and unable to move forward in any meaningful way with my resume and cover letter but my angel, Cristin, came to the rescue! Knowing she was there walking the walk with me gave me such comfort and her way of extracting relevant information from my many words is truly a skill. I feel such relief; the work was time-consuming but effective. Working with Cristin is fun and challenging – her method, laced with lots of good humor and real charm, is constructive – I’m never disappointed but always really, really happy I spent my time with her, an intelligent, generous and kind person who can make me laugh and make me do the work to get what I need done, done!
Pat Canale

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

I’m a small business owner in need of health insurance – and Cristin worked with me to create a resume that was a perfect match for a dream company. She was so easy and fun to work with and most of all, I felt empowered! On a personal note – Cristin is truly one of the nicest and most knowledgeable people I know – she was extremely kind and informative throughout the process of helping me revamp my resume. I was stunned to find out that I do not have to fill in personal info such as gender, race, etc. I thought for certain it would lower my chances of finding a gig, but she gave me the ultimate freedom by sharing that it is not a requirement. Thank you Cristin!

Mira Zaki

Owner, Mira Zaki Photography

Cristin helped transform my LinkedIn profile from weak  and confusing to powerful with a few helpful suggestions. Before her  help, I was embarrassed about my page and didn’t know how to best  represent myself in a professional way. She took the time to create a  video for me that pointed out the areas that needed work and actionable  ways to pump up the volume. For example, I had no idea I could add  anything more than the college I attended in my education section. Now  that section is robust with all of the additional trainings and courses  I’ve taken over the years. I now feel super confident when sharing my  page to prospective employers.
Amanda Johnson

Event Content Program Manager, Amazon

hear from leaders
Cristin has helped me transition from a freelance work life where I could manage my own time and have a more direct interface with clients to a corporate job where I have to “manage up,” anticipate workplace dynamics and resolve issues with a long term view in a way that is best for me and my employment. I could not have made this transition seamlessly and stress free without Cristin. She knows exactly what my brain needs to make the transition and where I should and should not focus my efforts. I feel more prepared, confident and excited than I ever thought possible in this new high pay and high responsibility role in corporate life.

Director, SaaS

I came from a theater background and felt like I needed help and advice on how to navigate the corporate working environment. Cristin is a positive and very supportive coach. I was new to a management role and worked with Cristin on how to manage, train and mentor someone – and received positive feedback from the person I was managing.
Elisabeth Ng

Senior Project Manager, Havas

title text of "hear from business builders," as in folks starting their own businesses
Cristin’s One of a Kindness framework gave  me the space and structure I needed to get clarity on my values, my  strengths, and the content I want to create and share. Investing time in her process provided a tool I will come back to again and again to recalibrate and adjust the way I am spending my time and energy.
Katie Hanus

Founder, The Handmaid Life

I  recently completed Cristin Downs Path to One-of-a-Kindness and I LOVED  it! As a visionary and creative, I have a hard time nailing down specifics. It’s hard to capture my attention and this framework was a bit intimidating at first, but I continue to refer back to it time and time again now that it’s done. It helped me narrow my focus and get clear on what makes me unique. My favorite part was reaching out to close family and friends to ask what they saw as my strengths. We all forget what comes naturally to us that may not be effortless to others. I thoroughly enjoyed this and cannot recommend it enough. Take the time and then go out into the world and shine.
Jody Smith

Founder, Courageous Girl

Cristin is a fun, clear, and utterly relatable guide. I have  been part of online workshops and seminars before that felt more like an  advertisement for that person’s lifestyle and brand. Cristin, on the  other hand, brings no ego to the table and no showcase of harmful  perfectionism. She is truly working to just share practices that have  helped her, and to create a cozy communal space where everyone’s  questions, thoughts, struggles and suggestions are welcome and honored.  Cristin is about empowering women to see how capable and powerful they  already are. The tools she offers are there to help clear the way for  that capability and power to shine.
Tia Shearer Bassett

Founder, Theatre Wolf, LLC

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