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In this episode of The Notable Woman Podcast, I interview Erin Zimmerman about all things social media. Erin is the boss of Elephant Social, and she is a big fan of relationship building based social media. Hers is the first episode in my “Business Boss” series because Erin just started her social media business and is celebrating her one year anniversary! It’s great to talk to her about building a business in addition to how to run an effective social media campaign. No matter what you’re trying to do to make an impact, it’s important that you either master social media or hire someone who can do it for you! Listen on for tips, tricks, and Erin’s impactful story.
About Erin Zimmerman
People will work with you if you’re interested and if you really love what they’re doing. Don’t feel like you’re alone. Don’t feel like because you work for yourself that you have to become a hardcore introvert, even if you are an introvert, that’s totally fine, but connect with people.

Erin Zimmerman is the boss over at Elephant Social, otherwise known as a one-woman show. She collaborates with small business owners on how to maximize their impact in less time through full-service social media strategizing and matchmaking services, specializing in helping small businesses and online entrepreneurs grow through relationship-based strategy online. You might call her the Social Media Matchmaker. 🙂

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Personal Instagram + Twitter: @RoaminTwin
Erin’s YouTube, home to her web series Chat Connect
Erin’s Business Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/elephantsocial


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