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Missy Sturtevant is so impressive! I am so jazzed by her and her social justice business, but let me start at the beginning. Missy and I went to college together, and I was a total fan even before this interview, even before I knew what she does now. But let me lay it down for you — Missy was a social worker and wasn’t 100% happy with how she had to do her work within the structure already set up. And you know what she did? She didn’t whine about it, she didn’t wallow, she went ahead and started her own business! Maebright Group, LLC works with Massachusetts-based state agencies on working with the LGBTQ population, using actual best practices and research.

In our conversation, we talk about how Missy wanted to start a business, how she became the mentor that she needed and now helps other people, and how she does the actual work with her state agencies.

This is a great episode for social justice advocates, business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who have an idea for a movement but haven’t gotten started yet. Enjoy!

About Missy Sturtevant
I actually much more prefer it when people disagree with what I’m saying, if they bring it up and challenge me, because if you can put something out there and we can have a conversation and I can listen to what are the things you’re nervous about, what are your concerns, which are usually legitimate concerns and I can address, we can have that kind of engagement together.
Missy Sturtevant, LCSW is the Director and Founder of MaeBright Group, LLC. Missy holds over a decade of training and facilitation experience. She studied social work at Wheelock College and has a BA in Psychology with minors in Health and Wellness as well as Theatre from Cedar Crest College. Missy has direct and macro-level social work experience that includes policy research, youth leadership development, group home care, and inclusive comprehensive sexuality education.
Episode Resources
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