About this episode
In this episode of The Notable Woman Podcast, I talk self-love with the amazing Susan Adhikari, affectionately known as Suz. Suz is a health and wellness mentor for females, and I love love love her message. Why? Because Suz is all about self-love. Suz believes that if we are going to achieve any of our goals or dreams, it all starts with loving ourselves first. That’s a message I can 100% get behind, and something I believe in myself. Since I’ve started my own meditation and visualization practice, I can clearly see in my daily life how positive an effect self-love has on me. Dive into this episode with Suz and let’s start loving ourselves!
About Susan “Suz” Adhikari
So every time you go on self sabotaging or self loathing activities, thinking all negative stuff, then pull out that piece of paper and read all the positive things you wrote about yourself, and that helps to get your mind from negative to positive instantly.
Susan Adhikari (Suz) is a health and wellness mentor for females. She helps busy women lose weight and become confident on who they are by changing their mindset so they can take charge of their health and happiness. Through her experience and education she has realized that losing weight is so much more than just the outside appearence and this is what she educates to females.