Sasha Gray from Scattered Sasha and I have a great conversation about giving grace, especially to ourselves, her accidental business, and how she started her famous live show.

It should be a crime to have as much fun as Sasha Gray and I had recording this episode. We laughed, we cried, we talked everything from weddings to booze (margaritas and whiskey, of course). The conversation’s a blast, and I hope you enjoy it.

Sasha and I met in a Facebook group, and shortly afterward, I was planning my first summit. Carrie Sharpe of He Says, She Says insisted that I have Sasha as a guest, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Sasha has appeared in my summits, as a guest speaker in my group, and even as one of my popular Notable Woman Live! guests.

In this episode, we talk about her accidental business, how she cultivated her tribe (her following), and how she started her live show, and much, much more! I hope you enjoy this episode and don’t forget to join The Society of Notable Women if you want to continue the conversation! And of course, Sasha has a great gift for you! Head on over to get her “Your Journey: 5 Ways to Increase Daily Joy.”


  • Why you can’t take yourself too seriously
  • How Sasha became known as Sasha Gray (spoiler: it’s a pseudonym)
  • How Sasha chose to name her page “Lipstick, Margaritas, and Hairspray” (now Scattered Sasha)
  • How Sasha cultivated such a huge tribe (at the time of this recording, it was 239K now up to 255K)
  • How Sasha started an accidental business
  • The creation of the “unbreakable” token and its impact on people
  • Why we all need to give ourselves grace
  • How Sasha started her show (you can watch it here)
  • Sasha getting married at the racetrack

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did creating it. You can listen now, right here from this webpage by clicking the play button below.

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Today’s Guest

Sasha Gray

“There’s so much going on in the world, and there’s so much happening in everybody’s life that it’s overwhelming, and you have to give yourself grace to get through every day sometimes.”

About Sasha Gray

Sasha Gray is a Motivational Mindset Mentor and Business Coach for individuals and business owners. She specializes in finding the positive in a negative world and helping others rediscover their self-confidence, kick the self-doubt, and use humor along their journey to make even the roughest roads smooth.

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Sasha’s Gift for You

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