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  • If you’re sick and tired of your current work situation and you know you deserve a new job with better pay and improved work/life balance this membership is for you!

  • If you’re committed to using the most current and proven job marketplace information and want real human support without paying the price of personal coaching this membership is for you!

  • If you’re ready to make your job work for you instead of feeling trapped, overwhelmed or underappreciated this membership is for you!

Real Life Results

Elisabeth Ng
Cristin is a positive and very supportive coach. She is honest and kind, and I always felt like she had my back throughout the job search process. Cristin helped me to navigate the job market, understand the recruiting process and be better at interviewing (which I was struggling with before) – leading to multiple offers. I got my dream job thanks to the skills that Cristin taught me!

-Elisabeth Ng, Senior Project Manager at Havas

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Here’s what your Work & Worth membership gets you:
  • Immediate access to 10+ leadership and career short courses with more added every month. This is your on-demand learning center giving you proven practices to quickly and easily start seeing results.
  • An online community where you can ask questions and network with other women leaders providing you support, insight and a knowledge exchange you wouldn’t get when working by yourself.
  • Full access to exclusive events, content, and resources to guarantee you’re always feeling informed, supported and confident, which will include access to career, leadership, and personal development resources so you’re never without the best practices and advice no matter where your career journey takes you.
And at the group coaching level:
  • Invites to monthly live group coaching sessions where you can get personal coaching on an issue you have ensuring you can breeze past any blockers that come up.
  • Coworking sessions dedicated to you getting dedicated time in on your projects
  • Monthly Q & A’s where Cristin answers your implementation and practical questions

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Be in community with others overcoming their own job challenges and continue to have access to group coaching and co-working.

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Want to make the stress and anxiety you feel about your current work life a thing of the past?
Sign up today and let’s turn give you the tools, resources, and community you need to feel more in control of your career!

Client Feedback

Cristin  Downs is by far the most thorough, engaged, and encouraging career coach I’ve worked with. Her attention to detail and patience puts her on a completely different level. On top of that, she’s a wonderful human  being and easy to get along with – essential when you’re looking for someone to take you to the next step! I cannot recommend her enough if you’re serious about moving forward in your career.

Victoria Ng
Recruiting Coordinator, FullStory (pivoted from performing arts to higher ed to SaaS recruiting)

Tim Losee

Cristin changed my life! I always had a “good” resume, but with Cristin’s insight, my resume went from good to GREAT! On top of all the little  tweaks that she made to my resume, she also was able to sit down with me  and figure out what was lacking in my experience to move my career  forward. In my case she determined that I lacked proof of knowledge so  she suggested that I earn as many certifications that related to my  career goals as I could and within a few weeks I got a promotion and a  few months after that I was offered an even better job. Thanks Cristin!!

Tim Losee
Director, Versity Investments, LLC

Joanna Novelo

After owning my own business for the last 5 years, I made the decision to re-enter the corporate world. I had a lot of work to get ready for this process…or so I thought. Cristin was able to help me sift through hundreds of job listings and identify the perfect opportunities for me. She helped me prepare my resume for the automated systems it was going to go through, and also highlighted my work experience in a concise and powerful way. Cristin held my hand through the interview process and acted as my cheerleader the whole time. Had I not decided to work with Cristin, I would probably still be putting in multiple applications and hoping for a callback. Thanks to her, the process was quick and actually fun. I landed the perfect job for my skill set. Both I and my family are very grateful for Cristin.

Joanna Novelo
Community Manager, Chef Works (pivoted from small business owner to working for someone else)

Frequently Asked Questions

⇣ Who created this membership?

Hello! My name is Cristin, and I am a career multi-pivoter with over a decade of experience getting people new jobs. I’ve personally pivoted 4 times, and I’ve worked with over 100 individuals since the Great Resignation started in 2021. I’ve helped people go from layoff to job in 3 weeks, from firing to a $150K offer in one week, from owning their own business to back to corporate life, to doubling their salary, to finding a job that doesn’t make them cry every day…

I started this membership because I found that although everyone would love to work with me one to one, the cost can be prohibitive.

A few more odd Cristin facts – I make pizza with my family every Friday night, I love cracking jokes, I detest bullies, and I can’t get enough of watching disaster movies.

⇣ How does the payment work?

You can either pay the $57/month for the resources and community or $137/month to include group coaching, co-working, and implementation Q & A’s. Payments are monthly for your date of sign-up. You can cancel at any time.

⇣ What happens when I've gotten what I needed from the membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by emailing support@yournotablelife.com.

⇣ Do you give refunds?

Up to 14 days after sign-up, you can get a no questions asked refund. Your access to the membership is removed at the same time.

After that, you can cancel at any time, and your membership is removed at the end of the month.

⇣ I've decided one on one coaching is a better fit for me. What should I do?

You have two potential options if you’re interested in one-on-one coaching. One is that you can purchase an add on to the Pivot program, which gives you one 90-minute session with me per month for 6 months. That brings the price of the program to $3500 or $584/month for 6 months. You can check that out here.

Or if you’d like the full experience of Monday through Friday email and Voxer (a walkie talkie app where we talk back and forth throughout the week) support – essentially a Cristin in your pocket – in addition to a monthly one-to-one 90-minute session, you can sign up for a one to one package at $5000 or $834/month for 6 months. You can review that here.

These one to one packages have limited availability.